I’m Sönke Peters. I study computer science and work @ SAP.

I've loved technology since forever and started programming at 14, when I needed a software myself that was *way* to expensive. In my free time, I started working on my own projects, not knowing I would once do this full-time.

Several years later, I understood that I wanted to work in the IT field. I changed school to take advanced level computer science classes, and my projects grew bigger over time. I discovered web developement and focused on that.

Unable to wait for school to end and to graduate, I was eager to work on big real-life projects and join professional teams. That's when I founded my own company, became a freelancer and worked for clients next to school.

Today, I am doing a vocational training at SAP in Berlin. A vocational training is a mixture of theoretical bachelor studies and practical work at SAP, world market leader for enterprise software. In rotations of approximately 3 months each, I work in different teams at SAP or study computer science at the HWR Berlin.