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Blazing Fast Websites with Remix on Cloudflare and Upstash Redis

When developing a website or web app, nobody wants to spend hours of their time just on speed optimization. The problem is that a fast website is incredibly important and performance is often a deciding factor for its success. Web frameworks like Remix Run were created with the goal of optimizing web performance while keeping their configuration to a minimum ("zero-config"). Nowadays, there are dozens of frameworks available, that help you achieve high speeds. Today, we'll look at how to achieve excellent website loading speeds and combine them with peak database performance of Upstash Redis Global Databases.

Building a survey app with Upstash Redis and Next.js

Nowadays, it is hard to image the IT world without Redis databases. In Stackoverflow's Developer Survey published in 2021, the in-memory database enjoyed great popularity and was chosen as the most loved database by over 70000 developers. As an in-memory database, Redis delivers strong performance, making it ideal in scenarios that require short response times and minimal latency. However, the use cases of Redis are often wrongly understood as being limited to caching and message-brokering. Today we'll look at why this is wrong and use Redis in the role of a primary database.