Recent work, side-projects, and open source contributions.

Over the last years I have spent lots of time working for companies and on my own projects. If you're interested, click on the links and take a look at my work and some of the code behind it.

  • RiddleRunner

    You hide anywhere, your friends have to seek. With RiddleRunner, the entire city is your playground. Play a new version of hide and seek not made for kids.

  • (Own project)

    Pickra takes away the pain of music choices for groups by allowing multiple people to control the music simultaneously. To find the perfect music mix, Pickra accepts song requests, adds them to an infinite playback queue and allows everyone to upvote songs they like the most.

  • Graswald (Work)

    Graswald is a young startup that makes professional quality asset packs for the 3D creation suite "Blender". With Graswald's "G Scatter" and highly complex 3D models of various types of weeds, grass, moss and debris it becomes easy to create amazing 3D worlds with state of the art 3D nature assets and powerful ecosystem scattering.

  • Nextract.js (Own project)

    Nextract.js is a web analytics solution for Next.js applications. Activated once, Nextract.js will automatically track all pageviews throughout your application and present them in an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Upstash (Work)

    Upstash offers full-serverless, persistent Redis databases that are amazingly easy to use and offer very low per-request pricing. I wrote multiple blog articles for them that show how you can use Upstash Redis in different scenarios.

  • Kiteguide (Work)

    With Kiteguide you will be able to explore kitesurfing spots worldwide. I worked on the Kiteguide website on the frontend.

  • Vertretungsfilter (Own project)

    The Vertretungsfilter (translated: Substitution filter) takes raw data (HTML) from school substitution schedules and presents it to each individual student in a formatted way. Students no longer have to search for the substitutions that involve their own courses, but instead have the substitution filter display only the information that is of their interest.